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Hollow Grind Height Calculator


The utilization of the Hollow Grind Height Calculator holds immense significance for knifemakers due to several compelling reasons:

  • Precision - Attaining the correct grind height is of utmost importance in blade craftsmanship, as it guarantees the desired thickness for the cutting edge. This results in the creation of a sharp and highly efficient tool.
  • Structural Durability - This calculator serves as a safeguard against both excessive and insufficient grinding, which can respectively render the blade too fragile due to thinness or less effective due to excessive thickness.
  • Uniformity - Especially beneficial for knifemakers producing multiple blades, the calculator ensures uniformity across all products, upholding a consistently high level of quality.
  • Efficiency and Resource Conservation - By eliminating guesswork, knifemakers save precious time and materials. Over-grinding can lead to unnecessary material wastage, while under-grinding may necessitate additional work to achieve the desired edge thickness.


  • Wheel Diameter - How big of a wheel are you grinding with?
  • Stock Thickness - The tickness of you stock.
  • Edge Thickness - This is the desired thickness of your blade edge.


  • Results - The height of your hollow grind that will be produced from the parameters entered.

Calculator Created by: Jacob Christian - Besslen Bladeworks


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