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Use the calculator below to get a recipe for baking your very own wootz cake!! This program helps users easily create wootz cake recipes by keeping a list of feed materials and recipes. Because of this, users will need an account to use the calculator to save to their individual profiles.

Saved Recipes

  • Load Recipe - Load all ingridients for the specified recipe into the calculator.
  • Delete Recipe - Delete specific line item from the database.
  • Notes - Save notes for each ingot recipe so you can detail roasting times, overall thoughts about the chemistry, or anything else that might come to mind!

Saved Feed materials

  • Delete Button - Delete the specific line item from the database.
  • Add Material Button - Add a new Feed material to the database or update an existing one. If element fields are left blank they will be set to 0 by default.


  • Add Row Button - Custom rows can be added here but will not be persistent (Please add the feed material to the "Feed Materials" section above if you want to be able to save it to the recipe). All Feed materials will show up in the "Add Row" drop down for easy addtion to the current recipe.
  • Save/Update Recipe Button - Recipe will be saved and appear in the saved recipes fieldset. If you save a recipe with an already existing recipe name, it will overwrite it.
  • When you load a recipe, changes to the element values will not be saved. Weights and total carbon percentage will.
  • Changes to the element values will be used for calculating recipes but they will only be valid for the current calculation session.
  • Delete - Delete the specific line item from the current calculation session.
  • When calculating recipes, please be sure to add an ingridient that is a carbon source. If you are unsure of how much carbon source material should be added, please enter 0 and the calculator will auto-increment the carbon source weight by .01 grams until the target carbon percentage is reached.
  • Save/Update Recipe Button - Overwrites a previously saved recipe if the recipe name is the same as one that is already added. If the recipe name is distinct, new data will be added to the database.
  • Multiplier Button - If you find yourself in the situation where you have to exact recipe output but the total weight is either too much or too little, use the multiplier! A value of .5 will half every ingrident weight in the table and 2 will double every ingrident weight. A value of 1.2 will increase the weight by 20 %.
  • The multiplier will recalculate the final ingot chemistry at the botton of the screen. This will not save the recipe. If you are happy with the final weight you must click the save/update button.
  • Update Ingot Weight button - This will take all of your feed materials for the current recipe and apply the calculated multiplier to get the desired final ingot weight.


  • The results displayed are the total concentrations by percent weight of the final ingot.

Calculator Created by: Jacob Christian - Besslen Bladeworks

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