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New low mass furnace build with kastolite 30. Parts list below.


2 in on the floor which was then covered with .5 in kastolite 30 - Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board (2300 F) (1" X 12" X 24") Fireproof Insulation Board for Wood Stoves, Pizza Ovens, Forges, Kilns, Furnaces - Pack of 1 : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

These pieces made up the wall of the furnace and were then covered with min .5 in kastolite 30 - BXI Ceramic Fiber Thermal Insulation Board(2732F) - 12'' X 8'' X 0.8'', Pack of 1 - Inorganic - Flame Retardant, Heat Resistant, High Temperature Insulation

AMERIMAX HOME PRODUCTS 70412 12-Inch x10-Feet Galvanized Flashing - Roof Flashing - Simond Store 2 Pcs Ceramic Fiber Insulation Roll, 8# Density 2600F, 1" X 12" X 24" Fireproof Insulation Blanket for Pizza Oven Forge Foundry Furnace Wall Fireplace and Dishwasher Insulation - 2 Pieces : Tools & Home Improvement Steelsoft 304 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Assortment Kit DIY, Cut-To-Fit 12 FT Metal Strap+8 Stronger Fasteners,Large Adjustable Worm Gear Band Hose Clamps Screw Clamps Duct Pipe Metal Clamp Strapping

Mr Volcano Rigidizer 16oz Concentrate | for Hero 2 & Maker | Made in USA | Forge Foundry Furnace Insulation Blanket Superwool LBP Ceramic RCF:

MR VOLCANO Refractory Satanite 10 Pounds for Ceramic Blanket Lining 3200 Degree Mortar

GanFindX (#6-6.2KG) Silicon Carbide Graphite Crucibles Cup for Gold Silver Copper Brass Aluminum Metal Refining & Melting, Withstand 1800 ℃/3272℉ (#6-6.2KG)

Kastolite 30 Plus Refractory Mix 55# Bag | eBay

Quikrete QUIK-TUBE 8 in. x 48 in. Building Form Tube 692201 - The Home Depot

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The burner block was mocked up in CAD software and then 3D printed to make a form.

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The outside was wrapped in ceramic blanket and then covered with galvanized steel flashing. The wool was then pushed below the top of the furnace and sealed with more kastolite 30.

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When the kastolite was first poured, it was wrapped in a trash bag for a day and then taken out and left to sit for a week. The furnace was slowly taken to 1550C over the course of a day with increasing temps and intensity every hour.


In the final 1550C burn picture my camera picked up IR radiation coming from the furnace. Pretty cool picture!!

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Link to a PDF with tons of information about metal casting, furnace builds, and mold making.


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