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Hello Everyone, I have made a PID controlled forge for forging wootz ingot to more exact temperatures. There is also a YouTube video that goes over the entire process and has a wiring diagram. The following is the description in the video, enjoy!


PID Controlled Forge - Naturally Aspirated

Proportional Integral Derivative.... You don't necessarily have to understand those words but that is PID. The simplest yet most complicated little device that controls most things in everyday life.

Today I am using it to control the temperature in my forge! While there are quite a few PID controller videos, I have not seen any for naturally aspirated burners.

To make the build even more special, I cast the burner tips in castable refractory cement so the normally consumable nozzle is no longer a consumable.

3D files to print the burner nozzles can be found here:
Print with 0% infill, no bottom layer and use a raft for build plate adhesion.


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