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Here is a wootz pattern where I used the drawing dies too much. You'll notice the horizontal lines across the blade, each one is where I pressed the bar with drawing dies. How you treat the final 1/2 in thickness of the bar during forging has a significant impact on the final pattern you get.

Wootz Nakiri

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Manns Family Forge has reacted to this post.
Manns Family Forge

I actually like the pattern with the lines. Its like a ladder pattern wootz!

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Jacob Christian

Yeah it is pretty cool. Would like to try a ladder pattern wootz eventually! Which this would be close to how one would achieve it.

I believe its carbide banding.

@burningskyforge Yes you are correct, all of the pattern is carbide banding. This particular pattern is achieved by way of forging. It was not intentional but there are ways to make it intentional like the Kirk Narduban pattern.