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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jacob Christian and I am the creator of the wootz calculator. I have provided this to help the community and get more people into forging wootz. In my opinion, it is a superior steel compared to regular carbon steel. Which, why wouldn't it be... There is a reason that tool manufactures use carbide tipped/coated drill bits and various other tools -> carbides are extremely tough! So why wouldn't wootz, with an internal carbide microstructure, be superior?

Enough of that though... I have provided instructions on the calculator page which should hopefully get users up and running but if there are any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to post here. Also if there are any feature enhancements that the community would like added to the calculator please post them here and we can review them.

Feature enhancements to the calculator have been rolling out every now and then.

Debating on adding default feed materials to everyone's calculator page so that they can play around with it without too much effort up front.