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Starting a wootz katana. This is a personal project so the progress will likely be slow....

Here is where we are at:

  1. Ingot Melted
  2. Ingot roasted
  3. Initial bar formed
  4. Bar forged into 1 in x 10 mm x 26 in (sorry for mixing imperial and metric lol)
  5. Forming of the sunobe will be next

Wootz Recipe


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  • image.png

After forging the bar in step 4 above, it was reduced even further down into a sunobe or preform.

The sunobe is 33 in overall with mune-machi to tip at 24 in

Wootz Sunobe

The sunobe in the process of beveling

Sunobe Beveling

Bevels formed

Bevels formed

Bevels refined

Bevels refined


At this point I still have a bit more refining of bevels to go. The nagasa is 25 in and I should be able to squeeze another 3 inches out of it. I will also have to straighten it a bit to prepare it for a water quench.

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